Gone but not out!
Howdy. Ball rolled down hill and stayed there.
Pursuing other interests.

Been fun!
Out but not gone!
Howdy. I've been out, I know. But the ball is still rolling!
Here are some playtest I did with some collisions over last weekend... Pretty basic but looking good, right?

Where did I go?
Hello. I feel I left this page hanging for longer than I should have.

I am not done with UA. I am however devoting myself to another game with a friend of mine.

So this is it. It might take me a while to get back in here but fear not I will be back!
What is happening?
The engine is finished! Hip hip, Hurrah! Not that there is nothing more to do, there always is but an MVP is an MVP and I drew the line.

Now I am focusing on map making on my very own editor. I like what I built it’s fast, easy… I am not built for map making tho and I am finding this hard. So this week I took a break and started a procedural map maker. Not for UAS, I am doomed to make maps the hard way for this one. But I’m basing the continuity of UA on procedural generation. At least as an option.

The next UA release will have resources and industry. Asteroid mining, gas cloud harvesting and a lot of other features. But that is for another time... So without further ado I present you My work in progress procedural map generator and some examples of what it can do.


For those who were not able to reach the end here comes a Victory Screen!

Back to action!
About 3 months with no posting… but fear not! I have not been idle!

UA was in dire need of some polishing. Better controls, bug fixing, a much needed in game help page, updated website, a marketing plan for my posts to actually get to people and much more under the hood.

The game can be played in Google Chrome and as far as I can tell it is bug free. I will now focus on testing the game in other browsers while improving UA’s social media presence. Once that is done it will be released to browser games websites.

Thanks to apache’s cordova you may even see it on PC and even as a mobile app! But that is me getting ahead of myself.

Instead of a screenshot or a gameplay movie here goes a play now button!

Trimming the UI up to fit on the current game. Minified version.
An early preview on he HUD with mini map and structure data.
Game Play
No more bugs until new one are found... New ship UI up.
Game Play
Bugs are almost resolved, testing things and blowing stuff up.
Welcome to Universe at Arms
This is the first post and the first time the project is taken public.
So what is it? UA is a science-fiction real-time strategy game based on MyEngine

We will start by developing some maps. A way to play around and test the engine.

The main reason for this page is to get the word out and gather more people around UA. We need to fill all positions so if you want to contribute or if you just want to be informed of what's going on drop me an e-mail at houard.remy@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.
Play Now! UAS v0.1a

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Twitter @UniverseatArms
Facebook @UA.Game

Gone but not out!
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Out but not gone!
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Where did I go?
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What is happening?
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Back to action!
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Game Play
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Game Play
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