We are looking for people who are motivated to make games to join us in improving UA. See our help page! Our many thanks to all that participated. Here is where your contributions will be listed.

Jota Izquierdo's theme songs. Those here. 2017-06-19 Ryan C. Myer's theme songs. Those here. 2017-06-11 Thomas White's clouds and asteroids. Those here. 2017-05-20 Rahul Vyas's banner. This one here. 2017-03-28 Millionth Vector's free sprites from http://millionthvector.blogspot.com.br/. There is a list of what we are using here. 2017-02-21 Remy: Lead developer and project leader.
Jack of all trades. If it's done and is not listed here then its his doing. MyEngine: The MyEngine game engine was used to make this game.
More info: myengine.mymanager.com.br