If you are looking for in game help press H while playing. If not: Yes please we need some! As of May 22nd 2017 we have not actively recruited yet. But if we had it would have been something like this: Call to Arms Hi, I am looking for partners to join me in making UA. This is not a paid position we are looking to build a community. In return for your collaboration you will be a part of all steps made to plan, think, build, balance, release and market a game. The plan is to start making some simple browser games. A way to sharpen the team and move on to bigger projects. Got an idea? Great! Lets build it! All positions are open. - Have no experience? That is fine, be eager to learn and we will teach you something. - Want to make your way into the gaming industry? You’ll have your name stamped in the game credits for you to show to your next team. I’m a programmer and have been a one man team doing Universe at Arms, an RTS space game written on HTML5+JS. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmTiZ48MWwY More on http://universeatarms.com/. If you are interested join me on discord or e-mail me. houard.remy@gmail.com https://discord.gg/KUNhZNB Thank you for your time.